eData Financial Group International As a payment processor located also in the European Union, EU eDataPay has built an extensive network of banks and financial partners. This has allowed us to offer gaming merchant account and gaming payment processing services. While gambling laws are still strict, more financial services companies are willing to work with the gaming and gambling industries. The gaming industry is a constantly growing enterprise and RECENT CHANGES in the USA have opened the door for increased legalization.

While the growth of the online gaming industry continues to jump by leaps and bounds, financial networks are not moving as fast. Most payment processors and merchant acquirers will not work approve any type of gaming or gambling merchant account. Potential legal issues along with the history of gaming merchants experiencing high chargebacks have kept most banks out of the industry.

Merchants operating in the gaming and gambling industries need to partner with a payment processor like EU eDataPay . With a solid EU banking network along with a robust offshore portfolio of banks, merchants have many payment options. Whether it’s online casino games or social network gaming, EU eDataPay has reliable solutions.

Our payment gateway and fraud protection provide merchants with the tools to grow their businesses. By helping with transaction management and fighting online fraud, merchants can reduce the time and money spent on these problems. Some of the benefits of partnering with EU eDataPay .

Getting started is a fast and simple process. With a full application package, gaming merchants can start processing payments in as soon as 24 hours. With an easy to manage payment gateway, merchants will have no trouble with gateway integration or function. Contact our team for more information our GAMING MERCHANT ACCOUNT application and get started accepting gaming credit cards.


  • Online Casinos
  • Online Poker
  • Online Bingo
  • Lotteries
  • Mobile Gambling
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Horse Racing
  • Social Gaming

Merchants that have experienced trouble with previous gamin payment processor services; whether application denial or account termination are welcome to apply with EU eDataPay . Merchants in the gambling industries partnering with us come from domestic and offshore locations. Our vast banking network allows us the ability to work with all types of gaming businesses.

We can also work with clients that have a history of high returns, chargeback, or bad credit.  While the gaming industry can have a reputation for fraud and other types of chargeback problems, EU eDataPay can place most businesses. With many different types of gaming payment processing options, businesses can work to rebuild their history while operating with a reliable payment processor.


Merchants that are applying for gaming merchant services are going to need to provide a number of different documents for underwriting. Regardless if the business is located in the EU, USA or elsewhere offshore, merchants will need to pass the know-your-client (KYC) procedure.

For fastest approval; required documents will include:

  • Valid Driver’s License or Passport
  • Voided Bank Check
  • Last 3 to 6 months of Bank Statements
  • Last 3 to 6 months of Processing Statements
  • Valid Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number
  • Clean Processing History (Under 2% Chargebacks)

Providing a Government-Issued ID will allow the social gaming payment processing underwriters to confirm the identity of the applicants.  This is essential for processors to know who they are working with and handling funds for.  Without this information, underwriters will not approve applications without a solid identity.

Another requirement of underwriters for online skill gaming credit card processing is the previous history from prior payment processing.  Knowing the history of a merchant will help processors know what to expect and how to price them competitively with their current processor.  This can only help the merchant receive the best offer from the new payment processor.

While EU eDataPay can not guarantee that a gaming credit card processing application will be approved, we will work with the merchants to expedite the process. While 24-hour approvals are possible, it’s not always assured. Merchants should keep in mind when applying that the more information provided, the faster a gaming merchant account can be approved.


The online gambling industry has operated in legal limbo for years, though the grey area has become smaller. In 2018, a Supreme Court ruling in the USA stated that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act violated the 10th Amendment. While this has opened the door for legalized online gaming credit card processing in the USA, it still has not been widely adopted.

Each state reserves the right to legalize online gaming, but federal legislation has tampered much of the action. Though some states have laws allowing restricted forms of online gaming, the vast majority of games remain prohibited. For this reason, most online gaming processing occurs offshore as a way to avoid liabilities in the USA and other jurisdictions.

In addition to the potential legal implications, many of the payment processors have other concerns with the problems affecting online gambling. Fraud plagues the industry, with many of the websites having a history of high chargebacks and returns. This alone raises many red flags and prevents financial institutions from wanting to be associated with the industry.

Payment processors in the offshore industry that accept gaming have to deal with increased scrutiny of their business practices. Many legal jurisdictions have focused on gambling payment processors with reports of money laundering. While this might not be the case for all businesses, it does draw additional attention to the payment processors handling the industry.


One of the most important steps for a gaming business is to be in compliance with Visa and MasterCard.  GAMING CREDIT CARD PROCESSING services can ensure businesses are compliant by properly categorizing the business when the merchant account is established.

The most commonly used MCC coding used for merchants operating skilled gaming are 7994, 7995 or 7999. While the codes of 7994 and 7999 are considered medium risk, 7995 is classified as a high-risk business. Depending on the type of gaming merchant services, one of these codes will be assigned to the merchant.

  • Websites with Money Prizes:
    VISA without a license will use MCC 7994 or 7999
    Mastercard requires a license and will use MCC 7995
  • Websites with No Prize Money but In-Game Prizes:
    VISA without a license will use MCC 7994 or 7999),
    MasterCard, if a license is required, will use MCC 7994, 7995 or 7999)
  • Websites with No Money Prizes or In-Game Prizes to Win:
    The MCC will be either 7994 or 7999

Merchants operating without proper MCC coding can be quickly found and have their accounts terminated. Whether it was the fault of the merchant or the gaming payment processor, the costs can be high for the business. Working with a gaming payment processing company that understands the gambling industry is essential in today’s online e commerce industry.


EU eDataPay  has built and continues to grow our strong network of gaming merchant account partners. Merchants that have existing accounts or are looking to begin in the online gambling industry are encouraged to speak to our team. With decades of experience in various online gaming industries, our team can help most businesses find reliable merchant services.

We offer our merchants multiple solutions to a variety of ONLINE GAMING PAYMENT PROCESSING services. Whether a merchant is looking for an EU based payment processor or to partner with an offshore company, we have solutions. Contact us for more information and to get started accepting credit card today!