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Home e-Commerce Online Shops merchant account eData Financial Group LLC provides a fast and easy way to accept credit card payments. Most payment processors and banks turn down high risk and high volume merchants that operate non-traditional businesses such as Health and Beauty ,Adult Content, Adult Goods, Casino, Dating, Gambling, MLM, Nutra, Poker etc. We at eData specialize in providing hall legal bankcards and high risk merchant accounts and other payment processing solutions to these businesses and offer them the ability to accept credit card payments at affordable rates. Apply today and eData Financial Group will show you how to get started.


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E-commerce High Risk
International Banks

What is High Risk Merchant Account?

Home e-Commerce Online Shops merchant account eData Financial Group LLC Merchant account providers consider some sectors to be High risk merchant categories, leading to most mainstream services, such as those offered by banks, refusing to deal with businesses within them as a matter of reputations and their luck of ecommerce management. This can be for several reasons and stretch across a variety of industries that are otherwise unconnected.For example, travel vacations companies, including holiday accommodation, are more prone to cancellations relating to the weather or customer illness. Retailers whose sales are restricted to online transactions are also thought to be of higher risk because refunds are much more likely to occur than those from face-to-face payments. This is particularly the case with auction websites. Each time there is a cancellation, refund or charge-back, the merchant account profits are affected.


Features of High Risk Merchant BankCard Services Accounts

As you expect, High risk merchant account or eCommerce online sales differs from those supplied by the traditional bankcard providers. eData Financial Group team will help some of the risk that the service will take on, as well as tailoring the service to suit the needs of the specific industries within the high risk category. For this reason there are a handful providers and some pros and cons to consider.

Web Online Merchants

Web Merchant are renowned for the accessibility of their services, and today they will need eShop, Online menu, Easy Payments , Fast Shipping, Upload products to Amazon-eBay and Google shop connections, Marketing packages and more,  high risk industries and those with bad credit ratings among their customers. Rates start from around 1.95%, which is low for our high risk industries, and with eData Financial Group secure gateways and a high level of support, they are one of the most popular non-traditional merchant account providers in the US, Europe and Asia.

eData Financial Group

Specializing in high risk accounts, eData Financial Group are an international service of some renowned. Providing eComm Payment Gateway technology, a high level of support and a personalized service, the flexibility and variety inherent with eData Financial Group has been key to their global success.

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eData Financial Group provides payment processing solutions to e-commerce merchants all over the world, While we always have a lost of acceptable e-commerce industries We can provide services to, that list is always expanding as we find new solutions and form new partnerships. For Call centers and Affiliate Media and network marketing merchants in the U.S., Panama , Greece, UK , EU  or elsewhere, we can now provide the same fast, high-quality credit card Processing solutions.

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Online Payment Solutions with Media, Consultants , Astrology and more Merchant Accounts

Merchant Account Solutions for online media and entertainment

Millions of people worldwide are captivated by the world of , music and entertainment, astrology, psychic readings and the paranormal. Over the last decade and a half, what used to be primarily a brick-and-mortar service has been well-received online. More than ever, consumers are captivated by intent  and can enjoy direct interaction thru social media and direct merchants and consults in the privacy of their own homes.

Retail & POS businesses , Takeout , Restaurants :
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Credit Card Processing Solutions for Antiques, Collectibles Merchant Accounts

eData Financial Group Fast Approvals to Have Your Website Accepting Payments

With television programs dealing with antique collectibles currently on the air, the antiquing industry continues to thrive worldwide. The climate to launch an antique collectibles trading website could not be better. eData Financial Group, a global merchant services provider since the dawn of e-commerce, provides antique collectibles merchant accounts for dealers worldwide. By working alongside eData Financial Group, e-commerce merchants will have the ability to process credit card payments online or over the phone

Sports Book, Gaming ,Gambling and More Direct Banks

International European processors for licensed Sports Book, Gaming ,Gambling Merchants.


Fast Payment Processing with Apps, Gaming , EU Sports book and Fantasy Sports International Merchant Accounts

eData Financial Group offer High-Quality Credit Card Processing Services

Online Gaming, APPS, Skill Games, fantasy sports leagues are taking the nation by storm. What better way to make the sports you love more thrilling than to craft your own team and compete with friends? With eData Financial Group’s sports merchant accounts, you can easily launch your own fantasy website where users can pay to create and join leagues. It only takes a free application to get started by Home e-Commerce Online Shops merchant account

Lawyers and Legal Services


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Law Firm Merchant Accounts: Fast and Reliable Payments Solutions : ACH, Check by Phone, Credit Cards , Financing and Payment Plans.

Credit Card Processing Services for Law Firms

Law firms are just like any other business , they too need sound payment processing solutions to accept credit card payments from clients. Finding those solutions can be a challenge, but eData Financial Group has a solution for every merchant. In just a few business days, your firm can accept credit card payments online with one of eData Financial Group  law firm merchant accounts.


Merchant Account As low as 1.95%

High Risk Banking Merchant Services For Your Website

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Full Service & Flexible Solutions

It can be challenging to find an adequate credit card processing solution for your entertainment business. Some acquiring banks are hesitant to accept merchants because of the legal age restrictions and controversial content, and fees usually run high for these type of merchant accounts. However, with a merchant account from eData Financial Group, you could qualify for an account with a great US and offshore acquiring bank at an affordable rate.


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A working capital loan allows you to have flexibility with your finances, maintain business ownership, Home e-Commerce Online Shops merchant account and have access to cash for immediate expenses. Working capital loans can help you have cash-on-hand to help cover everyday business expenses when money is tight, business is slow, or even for business expansion.

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When selling educational software, finding a merchant account can be difficult. When dealing in the e-commerce and/or mail-order/telephone-order space, it is imperative merchants maintain a low chargeback ratio. Home e-Commerce Online Shops merchant account With eData Financial Group, the search for credit card processing solutions for educational software merchant accounts is over. eData Financial Group offers PCI  compliant payment gateway options as well as chargeback prevention and avoidance strategies.

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Beauty Products Merchant Accounts

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eData Financial Group provides merchant accounts and other credit card processing services for dozens of industries around the US and Bankcards in the world. One of those is the Health and beauty products industry, for which we can provide high-quality retail and e-commerce merchant accounts. Need help expanding your range of payment types in your store or on your website? Then you have come to the right place. With affiliate marketing, landing pages and CRM integrations, low rates and live customer support, eData Financial Group provides quality support and reporting to all merchants with health and beauty products merchant accounts for e-commerce, MOTO and retail merchants worldwide Home e-Commerce Online Shops merchant account

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