Visa is one of world’s best known online payment methods and largest credit card brand. Visa truly is a global payment brand with acceptance at point-of-sale and online in over 170 countries.




Visa is a card payment method that can used for purchases at point-of-sale and online. Upon checkout in an online store, the consumer selects the Visa button or logo, enters their card number, expiry date and CVV2 (security code at the back of the card) and completes payment. Merchants receive instant confirmation of payment. Visa, similar to other credit cards used online, are known to be eligible for chargebacks: the cardholder reclaiming their money due to fraud or disputes. Merchants willing to accept Visa online can protect their card sales by using Verified by Visa, a service that verifies the genuine cardholder at the moment of purchase. Online merchants are able to accept Visa payments either via direct solutions like PayPal and Click-and-Buy, or via Visa Payment Gateways and Payment Service Providers (see below). Visa credit card transactions are normally charged a commission of 1-3% per transaction (differs per merchant/country).